Alaskan tube frame jacks


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Mar 27, 2024
I am going to be buying a new alaskan camper off of someone's son who inherited it and does not know a lot about it.

Is anyone familiar with this jack system?
See photo below.

Trying to figure out if I can hand crank them or if I need to bring a battery to operate the jacks.
Any help is appreciated!


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While I’ve seen that system before, I’m not familiar with it. Looking at the construction, I believe you’re going to have a much easier time if you have a fresh battery. There probably are crank handles, but they are tedious to use on some electric jacks. Those jacks appear to be old HappiJacks.

I suggest you speak with Bryan Wheat, the former president of Alaskan. He now operates an Alaskan repair facility in Chehalis, Washington.
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