And so it begins, 1996 CO restoration


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Jan 26, 2024
I just purchased a 10' 96 CO from a WTW member here in the Yukon and pick it up this weekend. It is a stalled project with partial deconstruction and rot around the windows, arches and front seals. Water intrusion is limited to the lower edges though and the interior screws don't show signs of having been wet. Its had some upgrades over the years, LED lights, electrical, etc. It looks on the surface to be fairly straight forward with the rot limited to the usual places, we'll see. Will use a combination of West epoxy, butyl tape and sika sealers.

Other plans are to install a Thetford c220 toilet, replace the cut up cabinet doors (I get why they were opened up for air circulation, but aesthetically it won't work for us), and maybe reupholstering (not my department).

For now it's just planning though, -20 outside and I don't have a heated shop which stalls the use of epoxies etc. First pic is from last owner on its way to the Yukon.


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Hi there YukonAkaskan, welcome to WTW and congratulations on picking up your Alaskan!

We would love to see your project documented. I noticed you have one picture that is not oriented properly until it’s clicked on. There is a pinned thread in the Member Support forum on how to avoid that. If you have trouble, feel free to send me a PM, and I’d be happy to help.

Stay warm!
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