another camper exchange!


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May 18, 2007
la quinta calif
Since i bought my first FWC early 2007 and then sighed on to Wander The West forum
i thought i would list all the different rigs i have gone through in the past16 years.

I have always been interested in different type of campers and as my interest keeps changing so do my campers, so i will list all the ones we have owned over the years,
1.Safari trek class a motorhome sold it after taking delivery of fwc.
2. FWC eagle shell new in 2007 bought at the Riverside fwc factory at the time. lots of Baja trips!
3. Six pac hard side camper enjoyed it but of course not a off road set up.
4. Bought a ford 150 van and converted it to a camper. also great baja set up.
5. Bought another ford van 250 this time again converted it also add a pop top to it. more Baja trips.
6. Found another six pack camper as we were planning on spending a longer period of time in Idaho
thought it would be more conferrable.
7.Got interested in mini vans and bought a Ford connect van converted it nice but to small for two
8. Had Provan Adventure Vehicles build us a Chevy 1 ton 4x4 bengal custom rig (i think some one else
on WTW had a Bengal built.) went through a medical period and felt it was time to slow down.
9.Was bored so found a Northstar pop up camper really enjoyed a well built camper.
10. Built a another mini van to use as a weekender this time a Dodge promaster city learned from first
mini van build this one worked out nice for the time we had it.
11. About this time the new Ford full size transits came out and we got the bug to build another full
size camper van enjoyed it was offered a chance to sell for a good profit good by van!
12. Yes we did enjoy it so could not pass up a killer deal on a as new Northstar pop up camper
again enjoyed it. it also has a new home. since i have to stay somewhat close to home (medical
montering) so let it go.
13. Which now leads us to our last buy, we now spend most of our time in the local So, Ca. deserts
and close by Arizona deserts and wanted to get back to a set up for off road desert travel, full
circle we now have a FWC Fleet setting on our 4x4 Tacoma and we are enjoying it as much as we
did with the first one!

Maybe this will really be our last!

Thanks for this list! Now I have someone that I can say "Yeah, but this family on WtW has had 13 campers" when I talk to the boss about getting another. ;-) :p
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