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Nov 17, 2013
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Last year I bought a new Apple iMac to replace my 11 year old desktop. When I tried to download photos, the new iMac would not recognize both my card reader and the cameras. It sill worked fine on the older computer, so I thought my camera firmware was too old for the new version of IOS.

Today, got over the procrastination, and updated both of the bodies I use. Neither could be seen by my iMac. After a couple of calls to Apple (the first was a dropped connection), I learned that my version of IOS only works through an application called Image Capture. I can now load images directly from the cameras, but not from the card readers. I suspect a new, compatible card reader may solve that.

Good luck with your new Apple. I hope you get it debugged soon.

One of the things I have come to dread the most is upgrading my home computer. I did so last fall, by buying a new HP with all the bells and whistles. Long story short -- I ended up sending it back after a few days. So I then found Puget Systems, who custom built my new desktop, for significantly more money, but it works flawlessly. Particularly fast with photo processing. I am very happy with it. But moving all the files and programs was still a major PITA. It is all working right finally, but I kind of hope I never need to do this again. As unlikely as that is.

I also bought a UPS, which has already helped twice when those brief power outages crop up.

Thanks, Tony!

So far that has been the only hiccup, and it was only an irritant. I hope I can find a card reader that the computer recognizes. If not, I’ve got several work arounds.
Steve not by and means a expert on this,but do you have a Nikon?
On my Nikon A1000 I use the app Snapbridge to connect the camera to my phone.

From the phone it goes to the cloud then the I-mac.

Don't know if that app will work connecting to a desktop.I also have Apple products.
Just seeing this Steve and not sure if you resolved it. I have a new MacBook Pro and the C USB card reader does fine. There are time when a 3rd party device needs to be allowed for it to be seen, also the card needs to be formatted for Mac.
Rob, it’s partially resolved, and I suspect I know the other part. Unbeknownst to me, Apple added a photo downloader to the new iMacs (my old machine was a 2009). It appears to be the only application that allows image transfer to the computer. By hooking directly to the cameras,I can upload to a directory, then import into LR from there. Previously, I could load using LR.

My guess is the image capture app is looking for a USB compatible card reader, which I haven’t yet purchased.
Gotcha. I have a few wildlife trail cameras that use cards and I use either a reader for the iPad or the image below is one of the C USB readers.
My Mac imports to the Download folder and I select and drag to the photos app or wherever I want then delete from the Download folder to keep it clean.

My Canon has a card and supposedly modern wifi/bluetooth arrangement that is so archaic it isn't worth all the steps (requiring a Canon app then transfer to Mac... not good)


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