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Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
This morning I received an email from B&H announcing sales prices on several brand cameras, including the Nikon D850 that I’m ordering. It’s now $500 off previous prices. There are a number of mirrorless cameras included in the sale.
CraggyMan said:
Curious to how you will like the D850?? It's a beast.
Agree. It is the best DSLR, does everything I want it to. I still use my D500 for birds in flight and D5 in low light, but the D850 for everything else.
CraggyMan said:
Curious to how you will like the D850?? It's a beast.
Jim, I’m pretty certain that with the exception of weight, I will really enjoy the D850. The burst rate is a bit on the low side, but I’ve kept my old D4s for that.

I’m curious if you (Tony, you also) find you also needed the grip.
Tony, have you had success with the Vello grips? I remember back in the D300-D700 days that a number of people had issues with them, might have been the batteries. Maybe(?) there was camera damage as well. Since then I’ve been hesitant to buy third party gear.
The one I bought for the D850 fit very well and worked flawlessly. No issues at all.
At long last, the D850 arrived, eight days after the first estimated delivery date. The weather sure made things difficult. It is so nice to have a camera that both fits my hands, and has the controls in roughly the same place as almost every Nikon I’ve owned.

Even though I think B&H is a very good company, this may be the last big item I purchase from them. The last two items I bought from them have had distance related delivery issues. They’re just two far away. Communications coming from Fed Ex said the camera would be here every day since last Monday.
Yay! New camera fun! I will check in when we get back from Mexico in mid-February to see how you are getting on with your new toy tool.
Just had a chance to get outside. Was going to photograph a fox, but either I scared it, or it was the fawn. Regardless, the camera is nice.
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