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Jan 24, 2014
Western Washington
I just had a quick trip to the Bremerton, Washington area to watch Bald Eagles and other birds feed at low tide. It was enjoyable. The site is well known among the nature photographer people with expensive cameras and long lenses. But you don't need a fancy camera, just a camp chair to sit on to watch the show. Below are a few pictures I took with my compact camera giving you an idea of what you may see. Long-time members of WTW can send me a message and I will share with you the location.



If you’re close to Ridgefield/Vancouver, the Ridgefield NWR is a great place for raptor photography/viewing. The winter months are by far the best season. Take the auto tour route and use your vehicle as the blind.

Thank you. That is actually a juvenile redtail that was perched on a gate post about 20 feet from me. I was parked across the road. Interestingly, the bird stayed on the post as others drove between me and it. Juvenile redtails are delightfully naive.

There’s a great Ridgefield group on Flickr.
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