Battery Voltage question

The Powerurus looks like a nice battery and gets a good review. Did you get the self heating model? I would like to go skiing in winter and it seems as this might be necessary to keep the battery charging. Do you have any experience with using in cold temperatures? Thanks again for your advice.
No, I got a pair of regular 100ah for $285ea, for those savings I can add some external 12v pads and a temp controller for ~$40. My buddy needed batteries sooner than me and got the same ones before ski season and he camped in his hardside truck camper most weekends this winter. He set up external pads and a temp controller like that and would use those to warm the batteries before a trip if needed but said in general the camper warmth and internal heat the cells generated while powering the camper kept them warm enough almost the entire time, IE he didn't need to use the pads while actually camping much.

I believe he used this controller

Pads would be something like this
I have considered but am not crazy about added expense of hardware. I wonder if I could charge enough with a 160w panel and a compatible controller. My current one is not lithium compatible. I also have a 100w portable panel.

I went 2x100ah SOK. No issues, and love the performance. I also went all out replacing the IOTA/IQ4, ACR etc, with VE IP22 30 charger, Orion DC-DC 30a Charger + new wiring to truck, VE shunt, and added a VE MPPT 100/30 and roof and suitcase solar. I added a fan to the ip22 and added fans to the Orion dc-dc, after seeing how warm they can get if pushing a full 30ah. No issues now, but though fun, they should’ve had them already.

I had asked that same question.

My answer after multiple trips and extended camp: I could have got by with just solar, and used the iota and genset for emergency only or if xtended shade/clouds. Could have just disconnected power from truck also. I usually see 9-10a in bulk from roof, but have seen it much higher, and with suitcase added easily see 20ah and sometimes close to 30ah from my MPPT.

My 2x100w (series) flex panels on roof handle most of the charging. They charge and keep things topped off driving or if parked in sun, and keep up with fridge and fan use and I am usually charged by noon. 200w (series) Suitcase w/25ft 8g extension helps if in shade or if needed xtra charging.

I had considered getting the new Orion XS, but in the last 10 months i’ve used the dc-dc 1 time, so I see no reason for my case. We were surrounded by trees and got down to 30% SOC on 4th morning, so started the truck to charge (no genset with me). The ip22 got used at a camp ground once, since I could plug in, and gets used at house prior to leaving. It is nice having all the options to charge, but it seems I really don’t need them since setting up solar.
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