Bed platform to raise camper

While I didn't had the need to create a platform for my Hawk, I would be inclined to use a mix of these two methods.

Use the Trex or equivalent to provide the lift & support because there would be little compression of the Trex, but slide foam insulation board between them for thermal insulation.

Insulation may not be required for warmer climates while foam board alone could compress over the years especially if there is enthusiastic off roading involved.

Yes. Cut it to length and width as shown and use wood screws to secure. The height of the PEX was sufficient for my Fleet and Tacoma. Every truck and camper is different and recommend you measure bed height vs the bottom of your camper to the height required.
Don’t use the foil faced polyisocyanurate. Use 2” extruded polystyrene (blue board or some brands are green or pink) get a board with a compressive strength of at least 300kpa or more
drumwood said:
The Foamular 250 looks great. I need it 1" thick and it is nowhere to be found in Southern California. HD sells 1" thick, but it is the Foamular 150, which is not 25 PSI. If anyone has a source for Foamular 250 4x8x1" please let me know.

White Cap might be able to get me a sheet. It would come from back east and the store rep says they have no clue how long it would take to make it to my local store.
I had similar difficulty finding Foamular 250 4x8x1". I gave up and just used the 150 instead. So far so good, but I’ve only been on a few trips. I need 3” lift total, so I have the 250 2” on the bottom to better bridge the truck bed ridges, then the 150 1” on top. If I find it compresses over time, I’ll replace it with two sheets of 1/2” plywood.
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