Columbia Basin Reclamation Area....NE Washington


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Mar 24, 2016

I just drove 1056 miles over two days to retrieve my wood canvas canoe from Grand Forks, BC, CA.

I took an asphalt shortcut up and over a Colville forest ridge line from Gran Coulee to Republic, WA.

One amazing scene was where several miles of guard rail posts had burned entirely away during recent wildfires .

In some cases there were 6 X 6 inch holes in the ground where the pressure treated posts had burned.

The metal guard rails were warped and just laying where they dropped.

David Graves
I should have titled post far North EAST Washington state.....

Hi Frank...gonna get that canoe wet in the morning...... :)
Hi Sage

I had no time to photograph the guards maybe the incredible sight was unreal...... :oops: .

PM Sent

David Graves
I have seen the evidence, and declare the canoe to be real! It looks great!


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