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Wandering Sagebrush

Free Range Human
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Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
I sent a couple of images to Costco to have metal prints made, and I am pleased with their work. These are 11x14, and were just under $34 each.

I agree Steve -- Costco did a good job with the one metal print I experimented with. My biggest reason for not doing more is lack of wall space, and no desire to trouble myself with selling photos.
Tony, with the new house, I have more wall space, plus I’ve done a few for friends. I also like to donate prints to conservation groups for their fund raisers.
Same here Steve. I donate full res digitals to not-for-profits with a conservation mission. Sometimes I get a nice bottle of wine in exchange. Seems fair.
Tony, my favorites are Water Watch of Oregon, the Nature Conservancy, Oregon Natural Desert Association, and the Sage Grouse Initiative.

Trout in the stream, grouse in the sagebrush, and habitat restoration.
I mounted the Mobius image yesterday. It turned out nice, but I think Costco’s mount method could use a slight tweak. It’s a good concept, but just needs a little refinement.
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