Deschutes Redsides

A visual treat but I did need to turn the sound way way down. The sound of the river would have made a nice sound track. :)
nice video. great fish ! folks dont just catch fish like that on the deschutes - except back when we had some good steelhead runs.
the fishing style is very similar to 'swinging' for steel.
todd does great videos. i am sure he had to spend a lot of time to edit out the other fishermen and boats. though, they werent fishing during the dry fly /salmon fly season, so the competition is down. that said, there are always folks in that section of the river.
i got to fish on the reservation side, with an indian guide at the end of the salmon fly season. my biggest was probably 1/4 to 1/3 the size of the trophy's the fellow was catching !

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