Elvis has left the building!

Ted said:
No, that was just to say it has left the manufacturer and is on the way here. Mrs. Ted likes Beluga. Kind of reminds us of the Beluga whales we saw in Alaska.
We're thinking "The Waldorf" :)
Hey Ted we will keep a eye out on the roads if it comes our way.

We saw a older one yesterday and my gal said "that looks nice"

Can't wait to see yours in person and ask some direct questions.
The Lady and I had the honor of seeing "The Kitty Cat" (the Lady's name) today. Oh my goodness it sure is nice! Good job The Teds and happy camping! :)
What Sagebrushsaid. And..

Wandering Sagebrush said:
Ted, we want to see...


just sayin’...
Yes, pictures soon. The first couple of days were spent getting it insured, registered, etc. We filled it with water and propane and have been learning the systems. Still figuring out where we will store different items and adding some shelving. As Monte said, he and the Lady visited us yesterday and helped with some custom touches and technical stuff. Monte and I already have some modifications planned. :cool:
I have a medical appointment midweek then we will take it out for a shakedown cruise. Nothing crazy, probably a coastal trip like Bill did in his van. Will take lots of pictures to share at that time.

"The Lady and I had the honor of seeing "The Kitty Cat" (the Lady's name) today."
As an "RV warming gift" the Lady gave us a box of Frosted Flakes - it is a Tiger RV. Tony the Tiger. Get it? So now I'm thinking the obvious name for the rig should be Tony instead of Beluga. We shall see.
Congrats looks awesome! Please let us see more pics and 'special specs' you ordered vs the standard Tiger configuration once it arrives!

Airbags from the factory in the back? Plan on changing to custom leafs ala Deaver or Alcan? Do you have a permanently mounted air compressor, if so where?
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