Ever think about Large Format

Yeah, me to. I haul enough bodies, lenses, tripods and photo gear around as it is. And heck the 45 Megapixels in my D850 is more than I ever dreamed of having. Darn good thing I upgraded the desktop this fall. The RAW files are huge.
Somewhat off subject...
My Father was in the title business. He also had a private pilot license and enjoyed photography. He used a Rolleiflex that you looked down into to take a photo. He combined all of these by taking aerial photos of properties he was handling. In order to look into the camera while it was aimed down towards the ground, he would put the plane into a 75 degree banked turn and have my sister take over the controls (I was only about 5, she was 7 or 8) while he took photos. This was a typical weekend outing for us and we thought nothing of it. Occasionally I would invite friends. None of them ever flew twice with us.

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