Fire Rings - Clean Them Up!...And Make Them Disappear

Sign of the times


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alano said:
I'm convinced some folks only camp so they can have a roaring fire.
I can do nothing but shake my head at the people who insist on building a campfire when it is so warm I am lying on top of my sleeping bag with all the camper windows open - or the people who build such a huge fire they can't sit any closer than 10 feet away. But the biggest problem is that people seem to believe they are entitled to do this even when the fire danger is off the charts and tend to react poorly when told "no".
There is no fires allowed in the Tahoe Basin on the PCT or Tahoe Rim Trail. When out working trail we are forever finding fire rings and ashes. It takes time to clean it up to make it look like it was never there! People will keep doing it.

We also decommission campsites too close to water sources to make it hard to place any tent.

Job security......
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