Flat Storage Recommendation


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Jan 8, 2022
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can recommend a flat storage bin that fits under a rear bench seat in a van.
9" high max in my case.

I'm looking for something that is relatively heavy duty as I would like the bin to be large (approx. 23x30") and stick out into my trunk space where it would get banged up when I pile stuff on top of it.

So far I've only come across flimsy 'under-bed' storage bins in this, somewhat, odd dimension.
I'm looking to store camping gear, nothing fragile or ultra high value.

I drive a 93' Hiace Cruising Cabin camper van.

Many thanks.
Modular toolboxes by Bosch, Dewalt, Milwaukie, etc. are in various sizes. Maybe not your exact size. Sturdy, but spendy.
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