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Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
Sort of a shameless Flickr plug, just because I like it, and because I am too lazy to create and maintain my own website. Flickr has a daily selection of photos that they call 'Explore', where photos that are considered interesting are added to the list, assigned a ranking, and posted for others to review. Here's my collection of 'Explored' photos.

I've never spent any time on Flicker. Might have to check it out. That's quite a collection! I do enjoy your bird photos- you could illustrate an Audubon book.
JD, I don't sell any of my photos, I will only donate them to conservation and education organizations.

Thanks all for the kind words.

BTW, Flickr is free if you're willing to tolerate ads. A bit less than $30 a year for what is called a 'Pro' account and no ads.
It's also a great resource to scout places / areas. A search of a city/ natural area will usually return a lot of good views ( and potentially a lot of bad ones)

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Bad Habit said:
Very nice. I have never had an "explore" picture - yet
John, you might have some and not know it. There is a program by Big Huge Labs that allows you to see ''Explored" photos. You'll need to link your photostream to it. Checkout "Scout" by B H L.
no joy in Mudville - just means I need to get out more and take better pictures (I think timing matters to when they get uploaded too sometimes)
nice. i'm interested in learning about photography too. planning to setup my Flickr account soon

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