FS Go Fast Camper for Tacoma long bed + 270 awning, fridge slide etc.


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Oct 6, 2015
***Back on the market 8/27/22 12:45pm***
Kicking around the idea of selling my GFC or trading it for a Four Wheel Camper(show me what you have, I can add cash on top. Fleet, Swift or Finch preferred). It's a V1 that I bought second hand about a year ago. Ive used it ~25 nights and done a decent amount of mods.
GFC including the stuff in the first list below. $7500obo

***willing to sell everything separately if someone wants the camper only***

Standard V1 Platform camper with updated hinges
Brand new "V1.5" tent fabric. No pics yet because its not yet installed, currently shipping in from GFC. Both original and new V2 style tent fabrics will be included.
White panels, Orange frame, Grey tent (more on that below)
Red and black buffalo check mattress covers
Rear window option
Renogy 100 watt flexible panel mounted on roof
Renogy Wanderer charge controller with Bluetooth module
J Edgar Designs step-up and Hatchlatch
Matt Gecko upper and lower LED light kit
Various clamps and quick fist mounts for accessories like shovel/axe/fire ext./bear spray etc.
Collapsible ladder that hooks into extrusion for access to side or rear door from outside.
Custom sewn in side door with waterproof zipper. Slightly ghetto job by yours truly, functions though. Tent originally had only the rear door. Ive been looking for a replacement tent with factory rear and side doors, GFC has one in stock but its tan. There is also a used one I can pick up with a driver side door+rear door. Could be a deal to work out here.
Other mods. Will only sell the stuff below with the GFC or after the GFC sells.
ATOverland Combo slide with JK Partner 2 burner stove and removable wind shield Paid over $1500 for it. Requires custom mount. I bolted it through the truck bed. Used 3/4" plywood to space it up so the slide clears the Bedrug/tailgate. $1200 firm.
Overland Vehicle Systems Nomadic 270. Driver side, in excellent shape, has one small hole in the cover. Two of the aluminum arms were damaged in the wind and repaired by a professional welder at an RV repair shop. Works exactly as new. $700
Bedrug for 6 foot bed 3rd gen Tacomas. In good shape, cutout for storage cubby on driver side. Otherwise its unmolested and not taped down so it can easily be removed. Was $430 shipped. $300 obo.
Custom "waterslide" that I built. Houses a 7 gallon water tank. Has two drawers for misc. items and a paper towel holder. I keep all my kitchen/cooking equipment in it. Has dual locking slides and extends just past the tailgate. Requires custom mounting. I just bolted it through the truck bed. Beefy enough to stand on for access to upper GFC area. $500 obo.
*located in Flagstaff Arizona but will drive just about anywhere to meet you, especiall if you have an FWC to trade.
*misc. gear in the pictures not included. Axe, shovel, fire ext., sleeping bags etc.
















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***willing to sell everything separately if someone wants the camper only***
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