Going to a Class B


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Jun 30, 2009
Stockton CA
Put a deposit down today, it is AWD but not really an off road vehicle. Should be ready to pick up next week. Will still be Wandering the West just not as far off the road as with the FWC. Just like BobM I will be Glamping. I will be listing my Tundra and Hawk this week.


Looks really nice Bill! Congratulations, you and your bride will, for sure, have lots of enjoyable travels, and memories in the making. Hope you have some trips planned, and are able to get away soon.

im sure you’ll have no problem selling the old rig. You did a very nice job on your hawk build. Best wishes!

Congratulations Bill! While not a Class B, I ordered this on December 30. It won't show up till April, so after 12 years with my Grandby, it will be up for sale in a couple months.


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Hi Bill,

Ccongrats on the change to a Class B. We used a Class B hightop Dodge for many years and there are some real comforts to be had.

My very favorite was stopping for lunch, for a nap or for the night and never having to even open the door....you are already home!

The west will treat you well in a Class B.

Travel on.

David Graves
Tonight I do not own a FWC first time in a long time. Sold to a couple in Grants Pass OR. Back to where it came from, I drive to Three Sisters OR 11-11-13 to buy the Hawk shell. Pick up my new Class B Friday the 22nd.
Gee, I wonder where you came up with the glamping Idea
Congrats Bill, Happy Trails! Hope to meet up Out Yonder sometime post pandemic. I’ll follow your reviews.
Bill, that looks like a very nice camper for two people. I’d love to hear your thoughts after a trip or two. We may eventually replace the travel trailer with something similar.
Interesting that long time members and FWC owners are moving on Is it an aging thing? Not sure, but like Bill and K60N, we are also moving on. Going the same route as Iowahikers and getting a Provan Bengal Tiger. Should still be able to get everywhere we go now with our camper but will now have a pass through, bathroom, no more lifting the top, and no more soft sides. We did have them leave off the AC, generator, TV, microwave, and stereo, but add lots of solar and lithium batteries. We still plan to boondock a lot.

It's a good thing that lifting your hopes for a good time in the boonies isn't a physical strain, eh? :D

Here's hoping that raising your IBU's is a good possibility soon.

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