Gold Butte Range War

Right, something tells me this guys legal problems just got a lot worse.

20 years of trespass and skating on fees is one thing, but threating law enforcement and obstructing traffic on an interstates highway takes it to a whole new level, seems like to me. If LE backed down, it was because the situation became too volatile. Doesn't mean they are going to just drop the issue.
I'm sure this guy doesn't like paying taxes either but he does. Why? Because he knows the IRS would come down on him like the wrath of the God if he messed with them. Despite how it's trumped up in these recent articles, the BLM is largely a toothless organization, as demonstrated by this latest incident.
Bureau of Logging and Mining (BLM) is how they are known around here. I know there are sincerely good folks within the organization, but overall BLM has earned a reputation of giving lip service to public interest and this incidence only bolsters that image.

I don't hold my breath waiting for justice to be applied to corporate criminals. Maybe a few of the most offending individuals of the ranch supporting militia will be prosecuted (still not holding my breath) and maybe Bundy will remove his cattle and/or start paying fees, but compliance is not justice. In my opinion justice would include sufficient punishment served to Mr. Bundy to dissuade others from taking similar actions.
We were also know as the bureau of lonely men, but we tried real hard to do our job, this guy used the system to keep his fight going and now Fox TV and the haters have taken over. Sorry, I worked in one of those BLM places know for its environmental bent, and we wrote plans and butted our heads against the system and the pols all the time ---and we won more than we lost! I was in that second wave of "oloigists" into the BLM in the early 70's and sorry, most fed employees who work in the public land system try to do their jobs-I mean like no one pays us allot of money to do what a rancher, environmentalist or oil company wants-we try to follow the law, Things like this happen more because political types and money over ride what the law says-like what happened here, but over time people like him will lose! Pissed off again, maybe this guy will end up doing more good for the heath of public lands and those who care, just because of how perfect of an example of whats wrong with the system he is-time to go sit on a mountain somewhere and have a beer! Sorry lost it again!

Hey Smoke, I know in my brief tenure with CDF I got to see how politics plays a role in almost everything. More than once we did what we needed to do before anyone found out. Strangest thing I ever saw was when I was working helitack and we got sent home from a fire on NPS property because the fire plan hadn't been approved yet. I can just imagine how its gotten since then.
I saw this today...

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