Hodaka"Pops" Revel Build - Traveling in Comfort!

Just returned from a 4k mile family road trip to AZ, Death Valley and NV. We had a blast and the Vans performed great! Dad loved his new camper setup! Sooooo much to explore out there, I absolutely love the AZ & NV Desert! Some of the Highlights from this trip: Bonny & Clyde's Death Car, The Worlds tallest Thermometer, Classic Route 66, The Ghost Towns of Jerome, Two Guns, Rhyolite & Skidoo. Death Valley, Abandoned mines & wild weather for this time of year.

I started a FB Group where I'll document pictures & details of our trips in one place. You can join my FB group (Hodakaguy's Travels & Adventures) if you'd like to follow along on our Trips. Group is here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/765075118271516

Here's a few pics of this last trip. I posted almost 900 pictures on my FB Group for this trip, it's just to many pics to document in the forums.












Let's install some Hood Struts!

The hood on the newer sprinters leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to the prop that keeps it open. You pop the hood then lift it up, then hold it up while you work your way over to the passenger side. Next hold the hood open with one hand and use the other to fiddle with the tiny hood prop and get it in place. What a crappy design. Luckily there is a solution....Gas Hood Struts!

Van shops are asking up to $150 for basically this same setup. While searching Amazon recently I came across a kit for $44 that looks just like the others. Ordered it up and it's time to install!

Install took about 10 minutes and now the hood is soooo easy and nice to open. Just pop the latch and lift the hood...done! Should have left the factory this way!

Supplies used:

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Hood Strut Kit: CLICK HERE

Here's the kit installed and in action.

Kit components


You cut the provided pieces of silicone to take up the slack for the upper ball pin. I would have rather seen an aluminum bushing but the silicone actually worked great so I'll roll with it.


Factory hinge, drivers side.


Installing the upper ball joint pin in the existing holes.





Removing the factory hood prop and plastic bushing. The passenger side ball joint pin will mount in its place.


Does help to have a second person here. Snap the gas strut onto the upper ball joint and snap the lower bracket/ball joint onto the lower portion of the gas strut. Remove the factory 10mm bolt then have someone lift the hood up higher to give you clearance to slide in the bracket. Now just bolt it down with the OEM bolt you removed earlier. Done.





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