Inverter all day long

Dec 24, 2023
Good day wander the West friends: is anyone running their inverter 24/7? I haven't converted my starlink to 12 volt yet. So, I've been keeping my inverter running as I drive as well as when I'm not driving. My 200 amp hours worth of batteries seems to be keeping up in the off times and my DC to DC charger seems to be working okay as well.

In terms of leaving a 2000 w name brand inverter running 24/7, I was wondering if there's a best practice or not?
Should be fine… does it have a fan? My 3000W AIMS inverter fan runs when I am drawing 1800W with the induction cooktop. As long as it stays cool, it should be fine.

I did the 12v conversion this winter. Much easier now than it was even 6 months ago to make that change.
Yes, the inverter has a couple of fans in it. I also installed some 5-in low impedance fans that you use for audio cabinets to ventilate that area. Basically all of my electronics are in one place and it forms an l in the back of the truck. It easily gets into the '90s there.

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