It's Spring...somewhere

Chilly this morning. Broke down and turned on the heater. Could hit 90 though next weekend.
Casa Escarlata Robles Too said:
Is it time to replace the chains on the tractor?
Although nice weather here in Barcelona.
I finally took the skis off my truck and let the sled team dogs relax for a bit.... spring is slloooooow up here this year. But man, is it DRY!
And at the same time, it's autumn... somewhere.
...Here in Urubamba, Peru, for example, at latitude 13° south.

It looks like spring, but that's because summer is the rainy season here, so it's still all green.
This is the backyard of my friend's house, at about 9,800 feet elevation, with the ridge rising up behind them to 12,800 feet.
Two more inches overnight here. Long walk this morning on a pleasant Mayuary morning, then we shoveled everything. Time for a warm cinnamon roll. :)
Wish I was there Mark! Clear and cold with a biting wind here with patches of snow here and there !. Getting ready to walk Timber up the hill-even just put on my new Twisted "X" hiking boots to keep my feet nice and toasty warm :rolleyes: on this nice Winter Day!

What's interesting about this place, Urubamba, in the lower Andes, is that even at 9800 feet elevation it rarely gets below freezing in winter. And the average high temperature is "temperate" all year.
Seasons in this area are mostly defined by rainy or dry.
ski3pin said:
I know, photos or it didn't happen.........................................





She's out shoveling the deck now. The crock pot timer just went off and biscuits are in the oven. :)
That sure is more snow than expected.But it gave Julie something to do.

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