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Thank you both for the prompt replies!

It sounds to me like neither of you is disappointed with Raw editing within Lightroom, but each of you finds it necessary to use other processing as well, either Photoshop or the Google Nik collection.

Since I am comfortable (almost) with Photoshop I will continue to use it. (but will research the Google/Nik products) The decision I would like to make soon is whether to continue using Bridge/ACR for raw processing or to switch to Lightroom. Lightroom does seem to have a couple of database tools that make identifying and locating images easier, but the advantage to Bridge/ACR is that I am familiar and comfortable with it. So it is comforting to know that you each find the Lightroom raw processing to be acceptable.

The Sony I bought is not the latest and greatest: It's the NEX-6 but it's late enough and great enough for me! It provides me with a smaller, lighter alternative to my Canon 5D for carrying on my bicycle or in a backpack.
My 2 cents; I quit using Bridge as soon as I started with LR as the organizational tools in LR are super powerful.
I don't bother with different folders, all images are in one folder as I can search by date, keyword, camera, etc. When I was sorting by folders I was always frustrated that I couldn't have an image in 2 different folders. A folder is just a tag on a file anyway and a keyword handles that chore, and I can have multiple keywords on a file.
I also don't do collections much. Usually just Quick Collection for when I'm putting together a group of images to print.
As LR has gotten more advanced over the years I find I use PS less and less.
One catalog for everything.
And remember to not move files around outside of LR as it won't be able to find them if you move them without telling it.
It took me about 2 years to decide to like it as I've always had an aversion to import/export programs, but once I quit organizing by folder I discovered what a great program it is. My images are now more accessible than they've ever been.
Stalking Light said:
One tip on using LR, don't forget (or be too lazy sometimes like me) to keyword your images. Makes searching and building collections easy.
Sometimes I forget, too. But fortunately one of the keyword search options is "none." So you can always go back and keyword images later. Also, it's easier if you sort by date as well, as most of the images shot on any particular day will want the same keyword.
I had a company that wanted to use a image, it was one from years ago. It did not look familiar but wanted to update the editing and send them a updated JPEG. I searched using camera used, lens mm, shutter speed, date, and other search options Lightroom allows. Could not find it, until I searched my gals directory and snapped right up quickly. Then of course I was happy for her.....

Anyway keywords are great way to search if you know what you are looking for. Searching metadata information is also a great tool. You can look to see what lenses and at what mm you use the most. Many different sorting options. You can even call up all images that have no keyword and then add them. Lightroom has some good advantages as a database.
I structure folder by year, then month with trip description, then broken down by day. Attached a example.


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pvstoy said:
I structure folder by year, then month with trip description, then broken down by day. Attached a example.
I do something similar. On my drive, I have folders by year. Each download is then identified by year, month, day, location or subject, the camera.

Example: 2015 12 14 Death Valley D810.

They order nicely that way, whether in Lightroom or Bridge.
Mine is more like:


If I properly keyworded things and added titles and captions I probably wouldn't even need that much organization (at least for LR). ;)
I have to admit my Lightroom organization is less than ideal but early on decided to set main folders by camera. I then do sub-folders by year and/or trip location/year.
I now have 3 main folders set by my Nikon D200 - D7000 - D600 progression and also main folders for various pt/sht rigs I drag around for quick shots of family/work/vacations, etc..

Keywording is always used to help with the nitty gritty of image searches.

Seems to work well for my needs.
Based on this discussion , I started the 30 day free trial for LR a little over a month ago. I'm now paying the $10 a month for LR and the latest PS. Really happy with the ease of use for photo organizing and "developing". I've been using various versions of PS for over 15 years and there are still shots that really need PS help, but most only need the LR treatment and it is so much faster and especially non-destructive. As I continue to wander and take more wildlife and scenic pictures, I'm sure going to like it more and more.

Yet another way this site has enhanced my life. Thanks.

Good move, Alan. LR continues to work well for me, especially when you can drag & drop to host your photos via Facebook, Flickr, Smugmug, Zenfolio, etc. or export to the cloud (dropbox, drive, amazon). I rent software/storage from Adobe and Dropbox currently, which allows me access to my files from work and home, using several different devices using both Mac and Windows. It's what I've been hoping technology would finally deliver and it's great.

You may also want to check out LR mobile, which syncs from your desktop to a browser based version.
You can now edit photos from the couch! :D
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