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Dec 1, 2017
Golden, CO
I have the Renogy Battery, 100ah and I like to store my camper in the garage.

The battery, if not used, likes to go into sleep mode, but its so random when it decided to do this..

How do I prevent this?

Recent experience, just got back from Baja 2 weeks ago, camper in garage, battery is at 98%. About a week ago, I went through the camper, turned on lights and made sure that everything was working correctly. Today, went in to do the same and battery won't run anything, although it says 98% charged still. I pulled it out of the garage so the sun could hit the solar panel and now its fine?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
From what I see online, the battery only goes into sleep mode if it is dead. Have you seen any documentation that claims the battery has a "I'm not being used and might as well go to sleep" mode?

So, the confusing bit is your statement "battery is at 98%". Are you sure? How is this measured? I use a Victron shunt based SOC meter, and even that I reset to 100% when I am sure it really is... like, after 3 days being plugged in to a 30A charger with no loads.

Renogy says that to wake up the battery it just needs to see some voltage, so the solar panels would do that.

I would suspect that the SOC% of 98% is questionable....
I put it in the sun and it seemed to wake up -- was definitely at 98% in the Renogy monitoring app. All working fine now, but not sure why it did what it did.. so confusing to me.
Apparently they call it Shelf Mode and its "supposed" to happen after 24 hours of non use to save the battery..

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