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Janet H

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Jan 4, 2012
Eastern WA
We have a few reports of trouble logging in to the updated forum. Here's some help:

The old board had a hidden username that was part of the username/password login. Those old usernames are gone.

Login is now your display name and password or email address and password. If you have an outdated email address in your account, the password reset function won't be very useful.

WHAT TO DO: Hit the contact link at the bottom of the page and ask for help. It may take a little while for a response. Any info you can provide about your account will help us locate it and we can update the password for you manually.

The most useful would be the public display name on your account. You might have an old email from us with a link to a post in it if you are having trouble recalling it.

If you think the email address in your account is outdated, please give us the old address and we can get your account updated.

Thanks for your patience.
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