Micro-Start XP-20 Jump Starter - fyi


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Aug 2, 2020
I purchased one of these months ago after reading positive comments about it. Figured it might come in handy.
After purchase, it sat in my garage, or in the back of the van.... and I never took the time to read directions, or understand how it works.
On 'moving day' Helen's car was packed , and we were going to follow movers to new house - when we discovered the car would not start, and battery seemed dead/weak. She was on the phone with triple A, and i then remember'd that i had the micro start... somewhere. dug it out, attached to battery - and car started right up !

anyway - it worked as advertised, and will be staying in the van :). I am no expert on the product, but it came in handy.

I was an early promoter of the Micro-Start, and still carry them in every vehicle we own. I once impressed, but horrified, the owner of the company by daisy-chaining three together and welding with them. Not advised, but it worked.

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