Milky Way photo shoot Aug 3


Weekend warrior
Jun 22, 2010
Nevada City, CA
I think I'll be joining a fellow photographer for this Placerville, CA night photography event. Meet at 630pm, short drive, short hike, done by 11pm. I don't know the organizers, but my buddy Matt Estrada is a professional shooter, and excellent coach.

The crescent moon will be setting at 1023pm, so it should be very dark, and we might get some opportunities to photograph the setting horns of the moon.

Anyone interested?
The misses and I are still traveling and may or may not be home by then. Sounds tempting if we were home but also it would be a long drive for us. Headed back in the states from Cananda yesterday and at glacier NP, the bear grass is stunning this year near Logan Pass and needs to be photographed!
I understand it's a long shot, and I'm still figuring out how to do this and get back home.
I'll post if I get some shots.
Andy, cell pano of bear grass at Logan pass glacier NP


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