Mokelumne Wilderness - June 2024

Beautiful country this time of year. I may have to disagree about the mule ears though :). Reminds me I saw a bunch of people from the GBI working on the hiking trail to Taylor Lake.
That was a wonderful long hike, into sensational and beautiful country! Thank you for letting me tag along. I did indeed enjoy the adventure!😊
hey WS, minor hijack - was on the john day last week, and the chukars are THICK, and look to be in great shape. maybe the most i have seen in many years..
thx for the TR Monte ! have to admit to a little jealously, of this country in your backyard.... :) didnt seem to be too many folks on the trail though.
To say your hike was ambitious is a grand understatement. I think we have mountains here, I have a good view of the Santa Catalina Mtns from my front porch, but then I am always bowled over by your photos of/in the Sierras. Thanks
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