Need help wiring campers running lights


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Apr 14, 2024
I just replaced my old FWC that did not have running lights with a new one that does. When I plugged in my new camper, the running lights would not power on. I called FWC and they told me it was because my truck was not wired for running lights due to the fact my old camper did not have them.

My question is, how do I wire my truck/camper to power my campers running lights?

My truck is connected to my camper with the normal 3 prong Atwood trolling motor fittings.

Your original wiring is just 2 wires, plus and minus, for charging. You need to run a third wire from your truck to the camper. Check with FWC, but the 3rd pin on the Atwood connector should be for your running lights line. On the truck side, your connect the new line to the fuse, using an adapter, for your trucks running lights.


16 gauge wire would be fine.

Does your truck have a smart alternator? If so, I suggest that you consider replacing the 10 AWG with 6 AWG wire. Not the best practice but you can splice your 6 WWG to the 10 AWG wire at the Atwood. As long as you have the 30A thermal fuse at the truck connection for the charge line, the Atwood connector and the 12AWG should handle the current. If your truck has a smart alternator and you want to charge from the truck's alternator, you will need a DC-DC Charger to get much charging out of your truck. Lots of post on this topic. My connector solution was bypass the Atwood to run the line over the top of the front of the truck bed to an Anderson connector accessed from the left front turnbuckle access opening. Easy to connect/disconnect and through a new hole into the camper I could run the 6 AWG directly to the DC-DC.
Your Atwood should have power for charging, power for the clearance lights, and a ground. My guess is you may not have the running light circuit connected to the truck side. Check the truck connector with a multimeter. If you don’t have power on two of the pins when your lights are on, pull the Atwood out of the bed side and inspect it.

Warning: the charging circuit may be energized all the time. It’s easy to short the pins with the meter probes. Don’t ask how I know.

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