New 4wheel camper on my 2004 Tundra & Mods


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Apr 30, 2013
Sold the old Roamin Chariot last fall and ordered a new 4Wheel Fleet at the end of 2023 for our 25th anniversary present. Just took it out for a 2 week road trip. Ordering the camper was less than smooth. 4Wheel neglected to build it to fit over the bed rails of my truck, even though we were adamant throughout the ordering process through Mule Expedition Outfitters that the side overhang has to clear 21" bedrails. I did get some money back from 4Wheel for the screw up, but it did take awhile to resolve.

I made a cocktail out of the lemon, and built it up myself by adding a slide out 60" long drawer and 2 hatches that extend the length of the truck bed on either side. The drawer frame is welded aluminum angle and the drawer bottom is perforated aluminum sheet.

Some other mods:
I had external mounts for the Roamin chariot and kept using those on the Fleet, though I did hook up the front inside bracket to the truck bed for extra stability on 4x roads. Very stable and much easier to hook up than using the internal attachments. Also leaves the 3.5" slots totally usable on either side of the back of the camper. One of the slots is for the step ladder we use.
I had an add-a-leaf for my Roamin Chariot, since the fleet is a bit heavier I added Timbren springs; the combo work great on my truck with this setup.
Added a gear hammock under the bed made out of a webbing truck tailgate to store bedding and bags. We roll with the bed extened out all the time.
There was an open slot on the fuse block so I ran a 12 volt socket to the front of the camper to plug in a Dometic 45 cooler (very worth the money, 20% off coupon from REI helped out!)
I added a countertop next to the stove. The space underneath is almost exactly the same as on our Roamin Chariot so it fits the MTM ammo crates and milk crates we already have dialed in to hold our kitchen and food system.
AluCab wrap around awning is also very much worth it.
We rolled with the tailgate down on our Roamin Chariot, and kept that same setup with the Fleet, made some rigid struts to replace the wires so no movement.
I also built a rotopax mount that primarily mounts to the jack bracket.
Bought a Yakima open range table and screwed the mounting bar to my tailgate (pretty nice little table/sink, got it for 50% off, otherwise it is overpriced)
My 160w solar panel and the openrange table fit perfectly in the slide-out drawer.

















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Congrats on the new camper, looks great. FWC owes you big time.i really like your driver’s side table, and plagiarism is a sincere form of flattery… I am going to do the same for my Cougar.😇
That little open range table is great for the nightly face wash/cleanup before bed! The wife really loves it better than a sink inside the camper. Invariably the sinks in these little campers are way to small and its hard to not splash water all over. With the outside sink, let it fly!

We like the little table so much, will probably get the metal open range table to add to the other side of the tailgate. Will have to watch for a sale since $148 is overpriced for what it is.

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