New Lightroom CC on an iPad Pro 10.5


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Nov 26, 2014
Coastal Low Country, SC
I've been pretty happy with the interface and workflow scheme of the new LightRoom CC version recently released.

Since I spend weeks and sometimes months on end on my motorcycle, I'm considering purchasing a 10.5 iPad Pro to carry on my moto trips for post processing. I'm keeping my 2011 MacBook Pro running for as long as possible, but, Apple will soon ditch all laptops into the antiquity bin if their past business models offer any clues. Plus my trusty old laptop weighs at least 3x as much as the iPad.

I've read some favorable reviews regarding the iPad Pro and LightRoom CC but was curious if anyone here has any experience with iPad Pro and LRcc ?

Thanks for any insights and comments.

I can't speak from personal experience, but I did work in Apple retail for 5 years up until a year ago. Recently I spoke with one of my coworkers who has converted her entire photography workflow onto an iPad and she has one of the 12" MacBooks with the Retina display that only weights 2 pounds.

As much as it kills me to say it, I think you are on the right track. I'm a huge Mac fan. I prefer the Snow Leopard era.

Having over 10 years of computer sales experience, my advice is to make the transition slowly. Trying to switch cold turkey can be an exercise in frustration. Try to do things and experiment with the iPad when you have free time (not when you "need" to get something done). If you are struggling, you can typically do a Google search and find someone who has experienced the same issue and find out what their solution to the workflow was.
Let's face it though, there may still be limitations with the iPad. That being said, work towards using the MacBook Pro less and less. Eventually there will come a point where you are doing everything on your iPad.
As a side note, your MacBook Pro is getting a bit older. That doesn't make it any less useful. Quite often as machines age they get relegated to doing a single task that they do quite well. In your case it may be used for archiving, organizing and backing up photos.

Best of luck in the transition.

BTW, worst case scenario is you will have a cool iPad that you are bound to still get plenty of use out of.
Thanks Bill!

I installed a Samsung SSD years ago. That help the machine a lot! DVD crashed years ago and I simply ripped it out. Use a stand alone DVD drive now when needed. The old MacBook Pro is good for word smithing, email, browsing but is really slow with large DNG files in Photoshop. A bit faster in LightRoom CC.

I use a RAID enclosure for storing and archiving all images. I find it much easier to store all images off the machine given the age of the chipset. As such I will be able to use the iPad Pro's Lightning to USB cable for the RAID system.

I don't really see any downside to moving to the iPad Pro.

Sounds like your coworker feels the same.

Check out a separate Bluetooth keyboard like this Logitech unit that also holds the iPad at a good viewing angle to help your transition.

I use mine on both an iPad and an HP Stream Windows 10 tablet. (The Windows tablet also supports a Bluetooth mouse.)
For text creation, the tactile keyboard works so much better than single finger hunt & peck. The keyboard is heavy enough to not tip over with the iPad inserted in the slot.

I still prefer the laptop for work requiring multiple open windows.

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