New Small Trailer Toy Hauler Concept with Camping Capability


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Feb 7, 2006
Portland, Oregon
Anyone ever come across one of these? Interesting concept for carrying motorcycles, bikes, etc., while serving as a basic camping set up with off pavement capability. Looks like one can go from a "basic" variation to a "Pro" level depending on how it's optioned out. Not cheap and don't care for the name though. Also, the website is not very user friendly for drilling down to find full specs and options. Based in Utah.

ANTISHANTY hard sided off road trailers and truck campers

You might consider an Intechrv Flyer for the similar purpose. It is, effectively, a square tail teardrop with toy hauler capabilities. We bought a Flyer Pursue as a mobile mother-in-law apartment as my FIL recently passed & our Hawk isn’t suitable for taking a third person. Haven’t taken it out yet due to the shutdown but have been getting it ready.

The Explore has one or two double bed tip outs for sleeping up to six & has hunched over walking around height.

Curtis Trailer in PDX sells them here & usually has some in stock.

Thanks Paul. I am familiar with the Intech Explore. Not quite as much room and stsnding height is only 5'6". Much better price point though. When down in SE Utah last year had a fellow camp next to us with one and a BMW 800 GS. He was pretty happy with it.
We have much enjoyed our 2014 Rockwood A127TH even though we have not used the TH deck for anything other than bicycles and firewood, etc. She's a hardside A-Frame popup with an A/C+heat pump combo unit, propane furnace, 6 gallon propane water heater, sleeps 4 on a standard double + a queen.
The TH deck is forward of the popup box and is surrounded by two detachable ramps. It has D-rings on the frame rails under the expanded metal decking. Capacity 650 lbs if memory serves. Deck dimensions about 7' wide by 5' deep, enough for 1 ATV or 2-3 dirt bikes. Coupling, battery box, and twin propane tanks forward of the TH deck.
Rides on a torsion axle with 15" AT tires on 15" wheels. Dry weight 2,400 lbs. Total length 19' coupling to rear bumper.
Our Rockwood is an early A-Liner knock-off.

For a variety reasons, I'm steering clear of the more commercial A-frame popups. Having said that, there does appear to be a few on the market that people have been very happy with. Not many alternatives out there and what I've stumbled across so far requires a willingness to step up for serious $$. Always takes one back to the tradeoff dilemma.
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