Norcold 3-Way Fridge Running too cold on propane?


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Sep 26, 2019
Hey All,
I've done quite a bit of searching around and can't seem to find any information with regards to 3-way fridges running too cold on propane. I don't use the fridge on 12V for obvious reasons and rarely am around to power it up on 120V so I'm not sure if those modes also do the same thing.

I read about adjusting the position of the thermistor in the fridge, but I thought that it would only control the temperature settings for electrical power modes. My thermistor is located about 2" from the top of the fridge, and was going to adjust it down but it didn't seem to budge.

My fridge is a Norcold 323T - 1.7 CU FT...

Does the thermistor control anything when running on propane?

I have an adjustment knob on the outside of the camper where I can select "HIGH COLD" and "LOW COLD"... high cold setting increases flame height and runs colder. For my last 2 week trip, the outside temps were 75-85F in the day and 65-70 at night. Even on the lowest (warmest) setting, my fridge ran in the 20-27F range, which froze everything of course.

Anyone experience something like this and have any advice on what to do? I've owned the camper 3 years now and have dealt with this all the time, but it seems like it might be getting worse.
I don't know if you've seen this but the PDX RV web site has these publications for the Norcold N323....

N323 Manuals

Take a look at the third one down and see what you think....

Norcold Refrigerator Model N323 Correction of Over Performance

Also- I believe page 4 of the Service Manual answers your question about the thermistor. Actually, I don't think that's a thermistor at all. If I understand correctly, it's a capillary tube sensor connected to the thermostat for control of AC and DC electrical modes. As you suspected, it doesn't have a role in controlling Gas Mode.

I mention this as I saw multiple YouTube videos showing how to test a Norcold thermistor by measuring ohms at freezing and again at 80 degrees F. Like this one. It took me a while to figure out why I couldn't find a thermistor on the 323 parts list. There isn't one!
Wow, that is great info... Maybe I need to purchase this by-pass screw they mention in that article, I am assuming it allows you to lower the flame even further than the stock configuration...?

Thank you very much.
It's hard to say whether the set-screw fix applies to your fridge's serial number. RV appliances tend to have a long production run and changes are made over the years so it may or may not apply. I'd try calling Norcold to see what they have to suggest on the overcooling issue. And I'd ask whether the Over Performance document applies.

One thing we learn from the Over Performance document is the outside control apparently can be turned below the Low setting to cut back gas flow. And the recommendations of what to do in colder weather suggest some possibilities--- like partially blocking the lower outside vent (but not the lowest louver) to lower the cooling performance of the fridge. See the document for details.


Here's a link to another Norcold fridge resource (and it's on Norcold's web site). It includes an illustrated parts list which could be helpful in identifying components or ordering parts, should it come to that.

Norcold Product Manuals web page (scroll down to Compact Refrigerators to get to the 323 model)
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