O-ring replacement

Keep me posted, I keep a package of each in the camper just in case, I think my cylinders have expanded in the middle so when you put it together use a little Sil Glide and feel the resistance, also inspect the o rings that came out to see why they leaked, brass shavings?nick flat spot..... if there cheap get 4 of the others as well and you can check with them.
good idea about the lube and feeling the resistance.hmmm that sounded weird :unsure:
paid $3 for 4 metric O-rings and still have the standard 115 in my camper kit.
just wondering,
is it common for these older style cylinders even if new, to have O-ring issues if the camper sits collapsed for a period of time?

is it a good idea to cycle the top every few months or so?

see excepts from an earlier post in this thread:

"On my 95' 10' CO, I installed all new stock 1" brass cylinders.
I used #115 Nitrile O-rings from Tacoma Screw."

O-ring update:
I tried the thicker metric ones and no luck. They were just too thick and I couldn't get them even started in the cylinder. I installed the stock #115 O-ring and works great now. Used a flashlight to inspect the cylinder and ran the new seal up and down with the piston and didn't see any contaminants including a full inspection of the failed O-ring with a jeweler's lens - so yet another mystery in life like in high school trying to figure out how to get a girl's bra strap off! ;)

next project:
I am welding up brackets using commercial grade door hinges to mount a 13x13 pop-up tent on the rack where the I have the other accessories.

has anyone found replacement part for the leather looking gasket that goes on the tip of the piston?
Looking for part numbers and sizes for
O-rings and seals for hydraulic pump in 1973 Alaskan Camper.
So I’ve read this thread. What should I look for to know to change seals? My back Rams have leaked and the black cap rises, sometimes… twice in a month, and leaked from there. I feel it was my fault both times. One uneven lift and once lifting after I forgot to remove front pins when lowering. I have a 14 CO. Is there a “walk through” thread? I appreciate the discussion here, but it’s more about the rings vs how to change. Yes I have the Manual. I do work with hydraulic tools as a Diver, but these rams are a bit different than my Underwater chainsaw LOL. Appreciate any guidance. TY Pete
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