Onboard generator install onan 2500 wolf creek 850


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Jun 29, 2024
bishop CA
We have a wolf creek 850 on a Ram 3500 and it is built for an onboard onan 2500 LP generator.

Can anyone share photos or insights into how they installed and mounted the generator in the compartment?

We can’t find anyone willing to do the install and thus want to make sure we install it correctly and safely. Any photos of onboard generator installs, tips and tricks or steps shared would be extremely helpful.

We called custom truck accessories in Carson city NV to buy generator and get install and they said they didn’t have access to any generators and then we found one and called to get quote on install and two of their workers said yea no problem and now the manager is saying they can’t install parts they didn’t supply so we are disappointed in that and needing some community help.

thank you!!!
You probably need to find a forum or one of the facebook groups dedicated to Northwood campers to get an answer. This forum is pretty specific to popup type campers and most don't use a genny's of any kind so you're not likely to get an answer here. Good luck.

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