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Sep 2, 2015
Athens, GA
I successfully posted my Four Wheel Camper fo r sale yesterday evening. I did a bit of editing which mostly went well. I checked on the listing today and a few of the pics are upside down - I would like to get them right side up. I also had forgotten my write up and was going by memory which of course led to leaving some of the points out of the listing. I have been searching around the last 15-20 minutes and am unable to locate anyway to edit the post i placed in the Gear Exchange. Can anyone assist me with this?
Thank you,
Reggie aka Whitedog9
Move your cursor to the right bottom of your post, just to the left of the "quote" and "multi quote boxes". When the cursor is in that area, the word "edit" should highlight. Click on edit when it appears. I cannot help with rotating photos, sorry. Good luck with your sale.
I believe the photo rotation problem comes from differences in how our computers orient the photo versus how the Wander The West forum software orients it.

When we take digital photos, the camera typically records not only the image but also information about it, including the orientation of the camera. This is called the "Orientation tag" and it's in the photo's "EXIF data".

Most software uses that tag to figure out how to present the photo to the viewer. But some software just ignores it.

The trick is to figure out how to change or delete the data before uploading it to Wander The West's editor.

I found a little trick I can use on my MacOS system:


- Open the file in Preview. (Note: Preview does honor the orientation tag so it most likely appears upright. That's what's so confusing about this... sometimes the photo is upright and sometimes it isn't... depending on where you're looking at it.)

- Select Tools | Show Inspector to pop up the Inspector window and view the photo's Orientation tag under the General tab.

- If the Orientation tag says "1 (Normal)", the photo will be oriented correctly on WtW. But most likely you chose this photo because it isn't oriented properly there. And therefore you're seeing something other than a 1 in the Orientation tag.

- Select File | Export to export the photo and give it a new name.

- Open the photo you exported and check its Orientation tag. It should now be a 1. (It's not clear to me why Export does this, but it's helpful for this purpose)

- Upload the exported photo to Wander the West and use the editor's "Preview Post" function to view it. The photo should now be upright. If it and the rest of the post look good, hit "Add Reply".


Here's a copy of cooler-photo from the ad....

Cooler Original- unmodified.JPG

and here's one I brought into Preview and exported...

Cooler - Exported only- no rotation last one.jpg

Another Apple Preview trick, generally, Preview opens the image correctly oriented. Somehow "it" knows.

However, when you use a third party image host or simply attach the thumbnail to a post, the post captures the actual orientation of the image.

Discussing Preview again, if you are viewing your image, simply save the image or select COMMAND and the S key at the same time (to save) and the image will be saved as it appears on your monitor with correct orientation.

I don't think you can edit the orientation in your post. You will have to save the image in proper orientation on your computer.
Then Edit your post by deleting the image with improper orientation. Then reload the previously saved image into your edited post.

A lot of steps but the only way I know to do it.

For future reference...
I load all of my iPhone images onto my computer. If I am going to use any image for a forum post or email, I use Apple Preview to make a Duplicate copy of the image. I Resize the image to 750 pixels wide (length will default to proportional value if Scale Proportionally box is checked) and save the image copy. The resized image will appear very small on you monitor. Simply, select View, Actual Size and the image will appear on your monitor as it will in a forum post or email.
The image size is reduced from many MBs to ~ 300Kb. Perfect size (IMO) for embedding into a post or email.

If you're not using Apple, I suspect Windows offers a similar approach.
I have a one owner 2010 Hawk camper that I’d like to post for sale and have no idea how to start. I’m a
new member who lives in Ingram TX where the camper is. And I’d certainly appreciate a reply.

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