Public Land Stories

Thanks! I've sent this on to a number of folks. I just cringe when I hear those words that they use to soften the malice of their real action... transfer .... ya right. I think "grab" is more liker it.
Thanks for that link.
I am a life member of TU and have liked the work they do.

My sister lives in Pa.outside Philly and there is a stream behind
her house.Several years ago the local TU people did a huge stream project there.

Monte, thanks for sharing. Yes, we need to protect our public lands, because there are people who want to own it for themselves. We can’t let that happen. Our old family ranch became part of a movie star’s larger property. Just today I read that property is now for sale for $14,000,000. If we don’t protect our public lands, those with money will lock us out.

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