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CPT Davenport

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Dec 18, 2021
Davenport CA
[SIZE=10.5pt]Ran up to winterize my buddies cabin at Shaver lake, then headed out for some dispersed camping on US Forest Land. Great fishing at Shaver, three bald eagles lead us to the back of the lake where we found a school of Kokanee chilling at the base of the stream. Wishon reservoir offered an abundance of rainbows that would hit anything! COLD once you got to 8000 feet, in the low 30s at best. Heater worked great and we were toasty all night. Woke up and the condensation on the inside of the windows had turned to ice. I could not imagine not having the thermal pack. Even the curtains closed made a huge difference in retaining the heat. We learned that by dropping the leading edge of our awning, we trapped in lots of heat from the little red campfire, for comfortable outdoor seating. I'm again absolutely amazed at how the truck handled the mountain grades with the camper and boat in tow. We hit some pretty narrow and steep dirt trails looking for campsites. Had a few sketchy spots that needed a couple attempts in 4Lo to drag the tinny up, but it yielded some beautiful creek side camping with no one around. Good stuff and hats off to FWC! I cant think of any other rig that could 1, get us where we went and 2, make it such a comfortable, luxurious experience.[/SIZE]


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Found some 3lb trout at the end of this rainbow. I sure wish we could post photos of bigger size on here. Most of my pics say they are too large and wont load?????? Anyway, another great trip to a beautiful place!


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