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A peaceful weekend at my local haunt.


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Last day to prep, check & load-up. Tomorrow heading out starting a month-long trip westward. From Northern Virginia will be hitting Nashville, Memphis, Little Rock, Amarillo, then most of my time roaming around the public lands of northeastern NM and southern Colorado.

Bears ears, end of March.

For future reference, how do you put in-line images in these posts? I can only figure out how to attach a file with a thumbnail link, and when I click the "image" button on this editor, it just prompts me for a URL.


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To include the large inline image, you need to link from an online photo gallery. You can download your photos into a member galley (right side of upper bar above) here on WTW and link to the photo with the "image" button by right click and select "copy image link". Then paste that address in the image box.

You can do the same with other photo hosting sites such as flickr, smugmug, etc.

There are several pinned topics at the subforum WTW Member Support that may be helpful.
Adding to ski3pins post, there also is a support post describing how to use a tablet to get the image address to paste into the URL box. It’s not as easy as a right click, but not that difficult.
A recent trip to New Mexico & Colorado (also a photo test):

In the Santa Fe National Forest, NM.

Dog day afternoon at Mine Cove, Ute Lake, NM.

Exploring the Comanche Grasslands, CO.

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