Rio Grande del Norte National Monument, NM

Bosque Bill

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Oct 27, 2012
Albuquerque, NM
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I changed my format a bit. I decided to break my September trip up into two separate posts instead on one post of multiple parts. Though I do realize the difference is mostly semantics. However, I wanted to have the Rio Grande del Norte National Monument post stand-alone as an information source since there is so little on this amazing area online. I still have to process the photos from the part of the trip in Carson National Forest and hope to publish in a few days. Thanks.

Remember, click on any photo for a larger version.
Thanks Bill for the trip.The Rio Grande sure has cut some awesome canyons.
Your scenery/animal photos are great.

I always enjoy your trips.Some of the areas I have been through,but most are new.

Yep Bill. I also enjoy your TR's and this one did not let me down! I sure enjoy that high country too. Seeing houses out in the boonies seems to be an unfortunate fact of FTWing these days--people today seem to be like the sheep, cows and the homesteaders of yester year and try to find that place away from the world to call their own :cautious: !

Great trip report of an interesting area. I’ve never (yet) been in that part of New Mexico, but it looks like a visit would be in order. Thanks for sharing.
The burrowing owl is great! We've enjoyed our close encounters with them. What a nice area you have introduced to us. Thank you!
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