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Mar 26, 2007
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Over the years Ski has been sharing his trips and adventures through his writings. His stories are well thought out and paints a picture that is easy to read and follow. Though I have not been able to read all his postings, the ones I have read I have thoroughly enjoyed. His Blog Archive dates back to 2009 with incredible number of postings, but he has shared trip reports way before then.

Since this is a photography section lets move on to some head swelling words...

Ski has evolved over the years with cameras and image quality technique.To go along with Ski's stories he includes images that quite frankly adds the essences as one's being there. Ski you surprise me with your images and image quality. You have the knack!

I view lots of images being part of a photo club, but I enjoy viewing your images better so than some of fellow members images. Your images rank highly in story telling and quality that you seem to do it naturally.

Yea this is meant to make your head swell and now it is out there publicly, but PLEASE continue to entertain us with your talents.

Cheers my friend.......
I agree Mr. 3Pin is a talented photographer, and perhaps even more gifted with words. Both Monte and Julie give back with their knowledge, more than anyone else I know.

Patrick, thanks for reminding us!
I am stunned and humbled beyond belief. Patrick, thank you so much for your kind comments. I love to take photographs and spin a tale around our travels. Yours, and all others remarks, comments and critiques are so appreciated.

Patrick, you hit me with an incredible broadside. Thank you my friend! :)
I would like to join the "Ski pile-on" with another observation. In the almost 10,000 posts that Ski has made on WTW, almost none of them involve 1/2 ton vs. 3/4 ton, air bags vs. Timbrens, diesel vs. gasser, ATC vs. FWC, etc. Not that there's anything wrong with those topics, but instead, he and The Lady choose to get out about twice a month and report back on their experiences with the natural and historical wonders of the western US . . . . and I think we all applaud their efforts. Bravo!
This is one of the main reasons I throughly enjoy WTW, ski3pin and several others have inspired me to explore this vast and beautiful State. I personally am a poor photographer and am picture posting challenged on this site.

Thanks to this community for your talents, encouragement and willingness to help us all by sharing your adventures.

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