Slow forum?


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Sep 8, 2011
Is is just me or is this site really slow recently? Seems to take forever to get into it.
My internet is often painfully slow so I have not noticed anything unusual. The fact that it is snowing and I still have internet is one point in their favor but I am still changing providers once my driveway is passable again.
I haven’t found it slow, but I get web pages that don’t render correctly as if some parts of the style commands were not sent. Reloading usually fixes the page.

I have pretty quick internet and this site is the only one giving me problems.
The site is slow for me here in Davenport CA. Loading and switching between posts is slower than any other site. For all the knowledge I've gained here it is still worth the wait though!
The site takes longer to load, initially, than past years. Once loaded it manages about the same.
Loading the website takes me back to dialup days. It is that slow but without the sound effects. Once on the website, pages long fine but getting in is a problem.

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