**SOLD** 2013 FWC Eagle Side Dinette-$13,000 in Grand Junction, CO


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May 4, 2013

2013 Four Wheel Camper Eagle “Side Dinette” model for sale. Asking $13,000

Currently on our 2002 Toyota Tundra AC, but fits other small pickups too. Please reach out to Four Wheel Campers directly for specs and truck compatibility. We are the second owners, and it was purchased by us from the original owner who was moving up to a Fleet.


*Fiamma Awning

*Side Dinette

*Single Roof Vent (no Fan)

*Hot Water Heater and Outside Shower (never used or tested by us)

*House Battery

*Flush Mount Stove

*Jacks with extension plates

*Thermal Pack

*2 Propane Tanks

Camper is in good, well used condition, with minor dings, scuffs and interior wear as should be expected with a 10 year old well used Four Wheel Camper. It has lived on our Tundra the entire time we have owned it, and is NOT garaged. We are selling because we have decided to get another FWC, this time a Hawk. Also, I should add, this camper was ordered without struts, roof tracks, vent fan and solar…all things we like. We have now owned 3 Four Wheel Campers and have decided we prefer the rollover layout over the side dinette. Also, maybe we’re getting old…and a little more space sounds nice.

Known issues (and other things to consider before purchasing)-

*Small dent rear driver’s side rear from MTB handle when bike came loose on mountain road(see picture).

*Fridge is currently only working on shore power. It’s a 3 way fridge, and we had Main Line take a look at it while on a trip. They recommended replacing it. We have not.

*No struts! We could add them but have not. My shoulders are trashed, and I have a very hard time raising the roof. I would suggest adding these.

*Cosmetic damage/wear to some of the exterior and interior surfaces. This camper has been used! Previous owner used 2 sided tape on a storage compartment cover, and some cabinet finish are worn in spots. Some exterior fasteners show corrosion. Thermal Pack and soft sides need a good cleaning!

*No solar or solar plug. Not sure why but ordered without. I would add it if I were keeping it.

*We have never used the hot water heater or shower. It’s been dry since we have owned it. Should be thoroughly gone through.

*No exhaust fan, just vent. Vent fans are nice!

Pictures are of actual camper on our Tundra. Doing my best to represent this camper honestly. It’s not perfect, but has lots of life left in it! Camper is available now, but you will need to make sure your truck is able to accommodate it. Doing our best to price it fairly considering the fridge isn’t working and overall condition. Please reach out with any questions and I will do my best to answer them. Asking $13,000 cash only, and prefer a local sale. Will now consider selling the entire package for $24,000.00. The 2002 Tundra AC currently has just under 210K miles but that will change as I drive it. It needs work, but is a good truck. If you want more details regarding the truck please reach out.

Would consider meeting someone or dropping it off within a 2-3 hour drive from Grand Junction, CO.

Link to my FB Marketplace ad with more images.


Thanks for looking!


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Reduced to $13,000. Also will consider selling the package for $24,000.00. Contact me for truck details. I'd like to get started putting together a new rig, so hoping to get this to a new owner before it gets cold.
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