stopping in at FWC or ATC

Vic Harder

Doctor Electric
Site Team
Nov 14, 2015
Calgary, Alberta
I plan on doing just that this January, and wonder if either company allows or even welcomes owners to park overnight?
I know ATC said they'd allow me to "camp" in their lot quite a few years ago. FWC may or may not but they have room in their lot as they park some of their rigs in there. Whether or not they'll let you, there's a ton of areas around there (industrial park) that you could find.

It does raise an interesting question though; it'd be awesome if they had some designated areas that were for people to camp/park (maybe access to water, etc.)?
Sorry, but as I'm always are so curious: could you tell me what FWC and ATC means? I never heard this acronym. But I live in Germany :rolleyes:
Wandering Sagebrush said:
Vic, take some cookies to Marty and the ads (Brad and Chad). Make some attaboy points with Team ATC.
I remember them being donut guys but that was a while ago!

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