Strong taste of plastic in water from tank

White 21 said:
I have a similar problem with the plastic taste. On mine if I run the water for a few minutes the water tastes better. Seems like it might not be my tank or the the filling hose but the water lines from the tank to the faucet and shower. Mine is a late 2022 but I am not ready to open it up to replace the hose lines.
I came into this thread to say the exact same thing, and found that it was covered. For me, it seems to be the lines between tank, pump, and faucet that are the issue. If I flush the line, the water immediately after is good, and I don't have a noticeable taste for the rest of the trip if I'm using the faucet on a fairly regular basis. If the faucet goes unused 24+ hours, then it may need flushing again.
Mine develops the taste faster than yours. Could be mine hasn't been used as much as yours. I wonder if folks with older campers eventually get rid of the taste.

Trying to see the hose lines under the counter is difficult but I think the pressure lines are the stainless steel wrapped ones. May be possible to replace those with PEX or something.

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