Summer weight sleeping bag with a good zipper


Riley's Human
Jan 12, 2007
I've had good luck finding inexpensive comfy flannel sleeping bags for the camper except they all have crappy zippers. I've done zipper repairs before but this time I want one I won't need to repair.
Wow, one I was looking at was a Coleman Komfort something. Price range was from $100 to $28. I pulled the trigger on the twenty eight dollar bag. Can't go wrong at that price :)
Just bought two Redcamp ones for about the same price. Haven't had a chance to use yet, but headed out in two weeks for an extended trip. Figure will be probably be lucky if they last the summer. Would be interesting to know if anyone has found some they really like.
They aren't cotton but wiggys bags have some sales right now which use beefy YKK zippers. The lighter weight ones aren't much of a discount at the moment but they have some 0deg ones if you need something for cold weather. Not as cheap as some offerings you're talking about but for a US make burly product its a decent buy if it suits your needs at all.
So far my winter and three season bags are still okay, just my summer bag that needs replacing. Never heard of Wiggys. I'll check them out.
Bag showed up today. Not flannel but some kind of hybrid nylon. Feels okay. Zipper seems to be some kind of Coleman proprietary design. Time will tell. I'll check it out on the fourth when we bail on Sac.
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