Teton Pass Road Landslide

I was a Park Ranger in the Tetons back in the '70s and used to ride Teton Pass from Moran Junction regularly. What a great ride. I never rode down the Idaho side because I new I would have to ride back up it again before returning to Moran.
In the early '80's I did a ride, starting at Moran Junction, up into Yellowstone to Madison Junction, over to Canyon Village, then to Tower Junction, on to Mamoth, West Yellowstone, and south through Island Park to Driggs, Idaho. The whole ride was in the rain, but it would clear up whenever I had the opportunity to cut the trip short so I would continue. The next to last day was 120 miles from Mamoth to Driggs and the last night it rained all night so I ended up riding Teton Pass back to Moran (I was going to ride a loop through Swan Valley, but decided to shorten the ride by heading back to Jackson over the pass). It was raining so hard and cars where splashing me with water all the way over the pass.

Why did I do this? I had just broken up with a girlfriend and I thought the ride would help me get my mind straight. I didn't count on the rain, but the ride was one I'll never forget although I'll never forget old what's her name.
Was this ride on a bike? If so that's quite a ride.Even in a car. Beautiful country though.
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