The Acoustic Thread - What are you listening to?

My business partner's digital feed, source unknown to me. Day before yesterday it was a Neil Young catalog, yesterday more Neil Young and some Grateful Dead, today I've been too busy and in and out of the office to follow it. The guy has great tastes in music for a kid (age 45).

Strangely enough, I can't work with any music playing close by, but I really like having it way in the background (such as barely audible from the office adjacent to mine).

Was unfamiliar with Luca Stricagnoli and he plays one of the most haunting movie themes from a favorite movie. I take good care of that DVD.. The music and use of mostly natural lighting and environment, perhaps were important to my enjoyment of the movie as it seemed so familiar to someone growing up a little south of Asheville. It always feels like home when I watch the movie.

Luca's treatment of the guitar as a percussion instrument as well as a stringed instrument reminds me of Rodriego y Gabriella, a group I like.

Stairway To Heaven cover

Orion cover. Heavy Metal Flamenco?

Al Dimeola. I was introduced to Chick Corea and the band Return to Forever back in the 80's. At the same time I was doing a lot of rock climbing in Baja. I had this ritual of playing an Al Dimeola cassette once we crossed the border. Nostalgia is a powerful drug, and music sure can evoke memories and feelings.

Our little town has a strong music scene and we have tickets to see Al Dimeola next Tuesday in a small venue seating only 300 people. Really looking forward to it.
Yup, been watching those kids for a while. I bet his older brother on guitar talked to him after the show for kicking off Earl's Flint Hill Special so fast. :)
I haven't been listening to much acoustic music lately...although I did listen to Beethoven's 9th Symphony while driving in Baja a few weeks ago.

But this afternoon I happened to watch an old Andy Griffith TV show episode, "Mountain Wedding", which featured a family of musical hill folk as part of the story.
Here's an excerpt of the musical scene of that episode. "The boys" are played by the real-life bluegrass group The Dillards.

Does this count?

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