The Loss of Dark Skies


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Jun 30, 2009
Sierra Nevada Range
Julie and I just returned from one of our adventures. On this trip we noticed many more campers with starlink antennas. Starlink is putting tens of thousands of satellites in low earth orbit. Other companies will soon follow. Food for thought -

Will SpaceX's Starlink Satellites Ruin Stargazing

A quote - "Is having another source of internet worth losing access to unobstructed stargazing for yourself and nearly every other person on the planet? Our species has been stargazing for thousands of years, do we really want to lose access now for the profit of a few large corporations?

On your next clear night, go outside and look up. Enjoy the stars that you can see now, because without big changes in the plans of corporations that want to launch mega-constellations, your view of the stars is about to change dramatically."
Yep, the concern is real. In humanity's mad dash for ever faster modes of communication we've somehow allowed corposcum flush with gigabucks carte blanche to redefine the heavens for us, without our (at least my) explicit consent. And I ain't happy about it. But what can an old geezer like myself possibly do about it at this point? Sigh . . .

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