toyhauler's smell like gas?


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Sep 28, 2011
Northern Cal
I'm considering a small toyhauler to replace my FWC slide in camper. A toyhauler would be roomier, would keep my bikes and motorcycles enclosed and would allow me to use an SUV instead of having to have a pickup. The option to store motorcycles in it when not in use is also a bonus. My concern is that the sleeping areas are often over the "garage". I don't know about the rest of you, but my motorcycles drip oil and smell of gas when hot. It seems like sleeping above, or even in the same room, as the motorcycles would be stinky. Anyone have experience with this?

No direct experience, have a couple friends who have race vehicle transporters that double as sleeping quarters when at the races. there usually is a slight fuel odor in them although none store the race vehicle in the trailer when at home.

If you're going to tow a trailer why not buy a small enclosed trailer for the bikes and keep the truck & FWC? The truck is very likely to be much, much better tow rig than any SUV on the market.
I have a 12' enclosed trailer I use to transport my quad. It does smell like gas when I arrive at my destination, especially if I forget to turn off the fuel. It airs out pretty quickly when I remove the quad and leave the doors open. I also sleep in it if I'm camping and as long as I've had the doors open and aired it out, it doesn't bother me. It does bother my wife, who apparently was a bloodhound in a former life.
I have a 14’ enclosed trailer that I store bikes in and sleep in, much like you do. The key: bikes stay outside once I arrive, big thick chain and padlock. BIL has a Weekend Warrior, same protocol. I don’t believe he can keep his bikes inside and lower the beds at the same time so that solves that. I agree with ntsqd, if it were me I’d keep your current camping rig and just tow your trailer.
Thanks for the input. I'm also looking at the toyhaulers that have a popout bed up front, which should address the stink issue and the sleeping with motos in the garage/living room.
You can do a lot to stop the smell. Drain the carbs before you load them. Plug the vent hoses or connect them to a catch bottle. Put down a tarp for drips. Open the windows before you stop.
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